This is a collection of all kinds of written stuff. Some homemade, some found, and some collected elsewhere. Of a technical, pensive or poetic nature. Personal opinions or objective observations. Fully thought through or just ranting.

Attributions have been specified for the relevant stuff, if it was possible to find any.

Danish sayings and proverbs

Things that Danes say, what they mean, what they're all about, and their English relatives.

This list is mostly based on whim and the series by Expat in Denmark on Facebook thorugh November 2012.

PHPBenelux Conference 2014

This past weekend shit went down in Belgium. And by shit I mean the PHPBenelux Conference 2014 one of the biggest and most awesome events for the PHP community in Europe.
Originally posted on the Better Collective Blog

MODXpo 2012 – Utrecht, The Netherlands

It was a long and hard day of learning stuff from really geeky people. And here is what I've learnt.
Originally posted on the Better Collective Blog

Oat Flakes

Oat Flakes is a tremendously easy cookie and therefore something I appreciate very much.
Given that it's a cookie, this recipe is slightly less health focused than the one it's based on.

Geek Guys

[Written by Jennifer Brozek, 1997]

Not So Bad After All Actually, the title is a bit misleading. I think Geek guys are cool as 'just friends' or as a boyfriend. I have associated with Geek guys (and girls) all my life and have been richer for it. There are a number of reasons for this. (Yes, my boyfriend is a Geek and proud of it. So am I.)
Geek Guys are smart, loyal, interesting, have an cool sense of humor and are very creative. Parents love them, too.

Hvad er en nørd? Har den kultur?

"En gruppe pædagogstuderende spurgte redaktionen til råds om hvad nørder er og hvad nørdekultur er for en fisk. Jeg satte hjernen i gang, tog en ordentlig slurk af en 2-liters cola og gjorde mig mine overvejelser. For nu at være økonomisk med mine skriverier, installerer jeg også lige resultatet her i Hjernen."

Nørdens røgt og pleje

Dine lokale hjælpere (nørder, guruer eller måske endda systemadministratorer) vil sandsynligvis se med lidt større velvilje på dine henvendelser, hvis du belønner dem en gang imellem.
Kontanter er at overdrive – du kan vise din taknemmelighed på mange andre mere passende måder.

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