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Geek Guys

[Written by Jennifer Brozek, 1997]

Not So Bad After All Actually, the title is a bit misleading. I think Geek guys are cool as 'just friends' or as a boyfriend. I have associated with Geek guys (and girls) all my life and have been richer for it. There are a number of reasons for this. (Yes, my boyfriend is a Geek and proud of it. So am I.)
Geek Guys are smart, loyal, interesting, have an cool sense of humor and are very creative. Parents love them, too.

Hvad er en nørd? Har den kultur?

"En gruppe pædagogstuderende spurgte redaktionen til råds om hvad nørder er og hvad nørdekultur er for en fisk. Jeg satte hjernen i gang, tog en ordentlig slurk af en 2-liters cola og gjorde mig mine overvejelser. For nu at være økonomisk med mine skriverier, installerer jeg også lige resultatet her i Hjernen."

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