Jayscape started in 1997 as an initiative to get familiar with and again knowledge about webdesign og HTML. Since then both skill, methods, interests, and many other things have evolved and changed. The life and history of Jayscape in broad lines is found in The history of Jayscape.


The code base behind all the content have gone from being hand coded to mostly just the CMS Drupal, and now it's all managed on, in, and with the open-source CMF MODX, that will take care of all the framework functions. Statistics of visits and use of the site are handled by the open-source product Piwik, that works pretty much as Google Analytics with the exception that all data is gathered, processed, and stored on Jayscape.net, without ever leaving the server.

Though MODX and Piwik takes care of the main functions and infrastructure, there are a lot of minor and custom functionality that needs to be built, and will mainly be built upon the powerful basis of the framework. And then there is the content, external components, and services that needs to be developed, integrated and kept up-to-date manually. This is done in an external development and testing environment – minimal code changes are made using Notepad++ and for bigger coding PhpStorm is used, Paint.NET is used for all graphics and everything is tested on a local server using EasyPHP.

Licensing and rights:

Unless otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Jayscapejayscape.net and the phrase Dealing with the Problems of Today... Tomorrow are trademarks of this site. 
Any use of other trademarks on this site is not intended as an infringement of the holders' rights.

Privacy Policy:

Of course it's not the intention, in any way, to violate anyone's privacy or anything like that, which makes it a high priority that users have a very big degree of anonymity. All collected information will more or less be used to maintain and develop the site. they will never be sold or exploited in other ways.

The data collected on jayscape.net are hereby limited to

  • Standard web server logs that are generered automatically on this, as well as any other page on the internet.
    These logs contain no directly identifiable information and will rutinely be analysed as part of the administration of the site.
  • To compliment this, Piwik is used to give a picture of how and to which extend the site is used.
    These informations will only be used to gain insights of how the site is used, to find out where and how futher development should be focused.

Below you can opt out of the collected statistics: